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Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, NY

MPH 0300: Introduction to Biostatistics

Fall 2015

Laboratory Instructor, Office Hours, Masters in Public Health Students

Fall 2015

The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

MATH 303: Introduction to Statistical Methods

Fall 2011

Student Teacher, Office Hours, Upper-Level Biology Undergraduate Students

Invited Research Presentations

23 August 2019, The University of Michigan, Department of Anesthesiology "Cardiac-related modulation of the extracellular action potential reveals multiple cell classes in human hippocampus."

06 June 2019, University of California Davis, National Primate Research Center, "Neurons in the amygdala support social communication among primates."

14 Feb 2014, The National Institute of Mental Health, Laboratory of Neuropsychology. "Neurons in the monkey amygdala mediate communication with facial expressions."

26 Nov 2013, California Institute of Technology, Department of Neurobiology, "Neurons in the amygdala detect eye-contact during naturalistic social interactions."



K-12 Science Teaching Fellowship

Science Foundation Arizona, Tucson, AZ


Receive formal education in K-12 Science Teaching practices, Design and administer science lessons in K-12 Classrooms, Create Interactive Exhibits for STEM outreach fears and events.

Computer Course Instructor for Senior Citizens, New York Cares, New York, NY


Volunteer instructor teaching basic computer skills to senior citizens (e.g. email, word, Internet, printing)

Adult Literacy and English Language Teacher, Literacy Connects, Tucson, AZ


Design lesson plans and teach English reading and writing skills to non-native English speakers and cognitively impaired adults.

Letters to a Prescientist Penpal


Volunteer as a STEM professional pen-pal to teach 5th grade students about careers in science and inspire their interests in STEM.



Caltech SURF summer research program

Mahider Gessesse, Caltech 2020-2023

Adishree Ghataree, Caltech 2021

Mentored undergraduate research assistants and graduate students, leading to co-author publications and poster presentations

Jeremiah K. Morrow, The University of Arizona

Sarita Tamang, Mt. Sinai Hospital

Michelle Mangana-Mendoza, The U of Arizona

Kayven Farshad, The U of Arizona

Miranda Andersen, The U of Arizona

Susma Ghimire, The U of Arizona

Gabby Lacy, The U of Arizona

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